Me with M Song Guanghua on a trip to Shanxi

I am a British guy with Asian roots who has been interested in Chinese kungfu and specifically the so-called Internal Martial Arts (taijiquan, baguazhang and xingyiquan) for nigh on twenty years now. I did not practice any of the standard martial arts around (judo, TKD, karate) when I was growing up – a decision which I have since come to regret! I only started practicing CMA when I was in my twenties, first studying a variant of Wu style taijiquan and then some Yiquan basics in the UK. My real chance to go deep into the IMA came when I moved to China for work in 2012. Since then, I have been training mainly Song style xingyiquan (as well as learning a little Chen style taiji), whilst also taking any chances I can to visit other masters around China. This website is mainly a place to maintain historical information about the IMA and also my translations of various Chinese articles and interviews which I felt gave an insight into the practice of the IMA. Although now based in Hong Kong, I continue to train and explore the IMA and will update this website from time to time.

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